“Come & join us. Let us uplift them”

Welcome to GPWO of Welioya

GPWO of Welioya (Government Pensioners Welfare Organization of Welioya) is a non-profitable, welfare organization which established on 21st August in 2012, under the government of Sri Lankan rules and regulations to assurance the better life for family members of pensioners’ and war heroes’ in three forces, police and civil security divisions. To enhance the morality of war heroes who actively participated to wiped out the 30 years long civil war in Sri Lanka, to uplift their families’ socioeconomic status, to provide them a social security are the main objectives of our institutive.

Meanwhile, enhance the Sri Lankan pensioners’ losing morality; ensure the environment to live them with pride, and voluntarily attempt to develop peace, rest, and cooperation among the nationalities are our rest of objectives. For this, encourage society, make plans and give hands to the government are welcomed by us. ‘There is nothing to achieve pensioners through trade union actions or picketing’ is our slogan and we promised to establish a brighter future for whole kinds of pensioners of Sri Lanka through welfare. Please come, let us join your hands with us, we will uplift them to the highest position!

News & Events

  • A/Buddhangala Primary School
    Book Donation Activity at A/Buddhangala Primary School - 2017

    Book Donation Activity at A/Buddhangala Primary School

  • V/Boogaswewa School
    Book Donation Activity at V/Boogaswewa School - 2017

    Book Donation by GPWO of Welioya Srilanka to V/Boogaswewa School, Sponsored by Multi Book Shop, Kandy Road, Kadawatha, Sri Lanka

  • The website launching ceremany - 2017
    28 Jan 17

    The official website of our organization will be launched on 28th January 2017

  • Motivation & Leadership Development Program - 2017
    Jan 17

    Motivation & leadership development program for disabled military persons will be held on 5th-10th April, 2017

  • Education Aid Program for school children - 2017
    Jan 17

    Scholarships programe for disabled military persons' children will be held on 15th-25th April, 2017

  • Disability Equipment Donation Program - 2017
    Jan 17

    Disability Equipments Donation Program for disabled military persons will be started 5th May, 2017

On Going Project

  • Renovation and Completion of 250 Houses

    Renovation and Completion of 250 Houses with all Infrastructure Facilities at Island-wide for disabled military persons who have got retirement from their jobs as a result of operational duties, terrorist activities and law enforcement duties.

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  • Drinking Water for Communities and Schools

    A hygienic drinking water supply and wastewater disposal system are still not a fact of life for a large part of the Sri Lankan population. To improve the situation for especially underprivileged groups is a must.

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  • Donations of Disability Equipment for Retired Military Persons

    Every day, many disabled military peoples’ families struggle to find funding assistance to get the disability equipment such as wheelchairs, crutches they need to improve a loved one’s quality of life.

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  • 1000 Scholarship Project

    Education is an essential right, which permits each person to receive instruction and to blossom socially. The right to an education is vital for the economic, social and cultural development of all societies.

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